I'm only a beer teetotaler, not a Champagne teetotaler. I don't like beer. - George Bernard Shaw, Proserpine, Candida, act 3
A real treasure – a proper rural pub at the heart of its community.
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We've got 4 pint jugs to take away real ale and cider!
Come up to the top of Halkyn Mountain and join us as we drink in the atmosphere of the house of ale repute
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I'm often asked what beer I would recommend, my reply has always been "sorry I can't, all palates are different - taste them and make up your own mind." It doesn't sound that helpful a response but having spent many years travelling and supping all kinds of brews, a taster will get you past the problem I experienced of having a pint in front of you, bought with your own hard-earned cash and feeling upset as you really couldn't stomach finishing the beer.

You can help those still in a quandary by adding your own beer comments and there's guidance from CAMRA & Cask Marque along with some notes from Roger Protz (Good Beer Guide) below. Here is information on how beer and cider is actually brewed from WikiPedia. To help you distinguish between Welsh and other cider & perry varieties we've used the Welsh forms for Seidr and Perai! Press here for CAMRAs NBSS (see below).


A Gathering of Folk 4.4% a Beer, Folk & Poetry special PDF Print E-mail
Reviews Beer - Real Ales

ImageA very special beer brewed by Facers in Flintshire to celebrate our folk and poetry event 'A Gathering of Folk' here at the Blue Bell Inn on May Day Saturday May 1st 2010.

A Gathering of Folk at 4.4% abv has been created from a subtle mix of malt and hops to build a wonderful range of flavours from toast, treacle, liquorice, toffee, chocolate an orange fruitiness and a hint of cherry enhanced by additional notes including resinous esters.

Malt is 83% Pale malt (variety - Optic), 12% Crystal plus a bit of Chocolate malt and torrified wheat. Hops are 1st Gold with a little of the latest German 'uber-hop' called Hurkules, which has a massive 17.3% bittering content. 

Click READ MORE for information on the performers.  As is usual for our folk extravaganzas, we'll be passing the hat around towards folks expenses.


A Gathering of Folk

This was the last event - more information for the 1st May soon!

So far we have - Greta & Maev (Temple Fire), The Glendale Family, Heal The Last Stand (not confirmed yet.  All poets/folkies out there are welcome!

'A Gathering Of Folk'   presents...

Combining traditional folk instruments and arrangements with modern approaches to song writing.
The Random Family run and host one of Liverpool's most popular monthly folk events. Taking place in an old converted church, ‘The Family Folk-Up' showcases the best acts from the local acoustic folk scene alongside established and emerging acts from across the country.
"There are a lots of young folk artists out there who need support and encouragement - the Random Family being one of the best" BBC 6 RADIO FORUM: SEPTEMBER 2008

Temple Fire was born in Liverpool in the Winter of 2008, and has since grown into an eccentric mixture of musical flavours and personalities. The band members hail from the Faroe Islands, Ireland, and England, with influences from all four corners of the globe. Temple Fire play arrangements of various types of traditional folk music, including Scandinavian, Celtic, and Eastern folk. It is a quirky marriage between a harp, two fiddles, a flute, a guitar, a bodhrán and a voice between them.

Let's talk about Harmony, let's sing about Peace, let us introduce you to a band with Heart & Soul... Described as "Liberated Youth" Heal the Last Stand are coming at it from a whole new angle. Their Debut Album "What Love is ..." is the culmination of two years writing and playing wherever they've been invited; big festivals beckoned not to mention house parties, tea parties, village fetes and lately, European tours.
Expect euphoric harmonies and profound sentiments, without a trace of heartache, pain or sorrow anywhere in sight.

Its hard to keep track of where this wordsmith is based, Aberystwyth, Manchester, Liverpool and currently residing in Holland. I can only describe this woman as simply a great poet who is also pretty nifty with a guitar.

Sophie's poetic ramblings are the words of a soul attempting to understand her self-revelations. Much of Sophie's time is spent as Editor of www.theAbsurd.co.uk, an alternative culture magazine for North Wales, and promoting theAbsurd's music and spoken word events, cabarets, tours and festivals.
Sophie is hugely responsible for the growth of Mold Town's culture scene. Thank you Sophie.

Chris Ingram a.k.a Man Of Straw is a poet from Edinburgh. He will charm the wee socks off you with his traditional tales and folk songs. Chris also performs with a new collective, 'The Glendale Family'.

You might wish to use the new beer scoring system from CAMRA. It goes like this...

CAMRA has a new online National Beer Scoring Scheme (NBSS). The NBSS is a six point scale (0-5) for judging beer quality in pubs that has been designed to assist CAMRA branches in selecting pubs for the bestselling Good Beer Guide. In the past CAMRA members filled in cards to rate the beer in a pub and then submitted the entries to CAMRA, but now they are able to fill the details in online at www.beerscoring.org.uk - making the process quicker and easier than ever before.

CAMRA members will be asked to examine the look, smell, and taste of each beer before offering their evaluation. The scores are:

0 = Undrinkable: No cask ale or the quality is so poor you can't finish it.

1 = Poor: Barely drinkable

2 = Average: Competently kept but uninspiring.

3 = Good: Good beer in good form. Worth another pint.

4 = Very Good: Excellent beer in excellent condition, another pint is a must.

5 = Perfect: Very rarely given by the seasoned drinker. Probably the best beer you are likely to find.

Should you feel like waxing lyrical, Roger Protz kindly let us reproduce some tasting notes for your guidence below...

Table courtesy of the Cask Marque Trust
Tonic Water, Quinine
Floral, Grassy, Citrus
Tropical/Soft Fruits
Peach, Pineapple, Banana
Toffee, Horlicks, Biscuit
Coffee, Burnt Toast
Fullness, Thick
Spirit, Warming
The Language of Beer

Nose: the aroma. Gently swirl the beer to release the nose. You will detect malt: grainy, biscuity sappy. When darker malts are employed the nose will have powerful hints of chocolate, coffee, nuts, vanilla, liquorice, molasses and such dried fruits as raisins and sultanas. Hops add superb aromas of resins, herbs, spices, fresh-mown grass and tart citrus fruit - lemon and orange are typical with intense grapefruit hints from American varieties. Sulphur may also be present when waters are 'Burtonised': i.e. gypsum and magnesium have been added to replicate the famous spring waters of Burton-on-Trent.

the appeal in the mouth. The tongue can detect sweetness, bitterness and saltiness as the beer passes over it. The rich flavours of malt will come to the fore but hop bitterness will also make a substantial impact. The tongue will also pick out the natural saltiness from the brewing water and fruit from the darker malts, yeast and hops. Citrus notes often have a major impact on the palate.

A decade in the Good Beer Guide!the aftertaste, as the beer goes over the tongue and down the throat. The finish is often radically different to the nose. The aroma may be dominated by malt whereas hop flavours and bitterness can govern the finish. Darker malts will make their presence felt with roasty, chocolate or coffee notes; fruit character will linger. Strong beers may end on a sweet or biscuity note but in mainstream bitters, bitterness and dryness come to the fore.

Editor Good Beer Guide
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