"The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because the sailors on the Mayflower were running low on beer and were tired of sharing"
-Ian Lendle, in Alcoholica Esoterica

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We've got 4 pint jugs to take away real ale and cider!
Come up to the top of Halkyn Mountain and join us as we drink in the atmosphere of the house of ale repute
CAMRA Vale of Clwyd 2017 Branch Cider Pub of the Year
20p per pint discount on cider for card carrying WPCS members
and on cask ale too for CAMRA members
Quiz Nights for Charity every Winter Wednesday 8pm [Oct-Mar] PDF Print E-mail

NEWSAR Fund Raising Quiz (NE Wales Search & Rescue)Winter quiz nights - every Wednesday.Quiz Night is on every Wednesday at 8pm through the winter (Oct-Mar).  

Now raising funds for @NEWSAR North East Wales Mountain Rescue!

You may recall that we don't charge for the quiz but we do ask for a donation to our favourite cause, this year it is to raise funds to support our Halkyn Pensioners Christmas Party to be held here in at the Blue Bell Inn in December and then after that we'll be supporting the North East Wales Search & Rescue.

Click for Blue Bell Inn Facebook 


Click here for our award winning walking leaflets... PDF Print E-mail

We won!ImageAs you know we produced our first walk leaflets with very welcome help from The Ramblers Association (Holywell Ramblers), Walkabout Flintshire and other groups to help you take your own self-guided walks on Halkyn Mountain. Three leaflets are available now in PDF format.

The first walk will be called Walk One - Halkyns Four Peaks is a reworking of our original circular walk of 5.75 miles. The second walk is a shorter circular walk of around 3.5 miles called Walk Two - Woods, Buffalo and Hill Forts which will take in some different terrain and part of the Wat's Dyke Way. The third walk is a longer circular walk of 9.5 miles and called Walk Three - Limekilns and Quarries.

Walk one gained the prestigious title of one of the top ten walks in the UK with MyFavouritePubWalks.com!  In fact all three walks gained the accolade of appearing in the Twenty One Top Dog Walks and Walk two gained a place as on of the Best Walks for 2009 by the Sunday Times!

Click on a map below to download the walk leaflet you are interested in.

Walk One - Halkyns Four Peaks Walk One - Halkyns Four Peaks
Walk Two - Woods, Buffalo and Hill Forts Walk Two - Woods, Buffalo and Hill Forts
Walk Three - Limekilns and Quarries Walk Three - Lime Kilns and Quarries

Copies of the walks and the countryside code are available from the Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn and its web site where you can also get a route map to the pub.
First Walk Leaflet developed & produced by the Ramblers' Association, Countryside Council for Wales, Walkabout Flintshire and the Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn.
Looking for something to do? Try fossil hunting on the mountain! PDF Print E-mail

And no, we don't mean chasing granny over the hill tops!Halkyn fossils and fossil collecting We've just discovered a fantastic new site for fossil hunting here on Halkyn Mountain, point your browsers to the UK Fossils Network site here!

Halkyn Mountain is a little over 300m years-old and was formed by being squashed between two ice sheets gathering shellfish/crustaceans as they developed. It has been occupied since Neolithic times and supports a variety Exploring Halkyn Mountainof wildlife habitats

We can start you off with your first fossil hunt - just look at the rocks in the car park and you'll find some (ask if you're not sure what you are looking for).  We can point you to many good brachiopods, corals and pieces of crinoidal Halkyn Mountain Leaflet (click to download) limestone (more information on the UK Fossils Network).

Park in the car park to start your expeditions and don't forget to come back to share your discoveries.   Pop in to collect a Story  of Halkyn Mountain Leaflet for more information or download it here.

We've also some more information about Halkyn Mountain here (also on the notice board outside the Blue Bell Inn) and of course you can download our award winning walk leaflets here.

  • Notes:
    • Please keep dogs on a short lead at all times.
    • Wear good quality shoes or boots & keep to recognised paths & tracks.
    • Follow the Countryside Code.
    • Take particular care near old mine workings. The mountain is covered with old, deep & vertical mine shafts in various stages of repair. Report re-opened shafts to the Grosvenor Estate Office 01244 684400. 
Geocaching, the new game / sport with a GPS on the Mountain PDF Print E-mail

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the geocaching.comworld by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices (like the iPhone, Nokia, Garmin and other GPS devices). The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online (there's an introductory leaflet here). Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.Geocache Badges from Badge Planet

Halkyn Mountain supports a number of Geocaches and if you join geocaching.com you will be able to start to partake in this up and coming sport / past-time / hobby while getting out into the fresh air and enjoying yourself. Here is a great link to help get you started and another great one hereand trying not to loose your buddies while splitting up for a search, you may find this helpful. Why not try and find our first Cache here?

Cache In Trash OutWe would welcome you at the Blue Bell Inn to use the facilities, park up and start your search. Note that we are supporters of Cache In Trash Out which is an ongoing environmental initiative supported by the worldwide geocaching community. Since 2002, geocachers have been dedicated to cleaning up parks and other cache-friendly places around the world.

All the geocaches in our patch If you are a member of geocaching.com (it's free) you can get a list of all the geocaches in our patch by clicking this link or in map form here.

Halkyn Mountain is an urban common which means you can walk freely across it. However, please take great care near old mine workings as the common is covered with vertical mine shafts in various stages of repair. Please report any re-opened shafts to the Grosvenor Estate Office at 01244 684400.

Try different search criteria for the Electronics or Books box below, e.g. GPS, geocache, N96, iPhone, etc.

We were sent a great geography resource which unfortunately (when we tested it) didn't link from the UK so we're reproducing it here and hope all the links work ok for you...

Information from www.thesnugg.com

Geography Resources for Mapping, GIS, Smartphones and More!


  1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS): This resource discusses the basics of geographic information systems.
  2. What is GIS?: An introduction to Geographic Information Systems is provided.
  3. GIS: Geographic Information Systems are covered in detail within this guide.
  4. Questions a GIS Can Answer: Geographic Information Systems can be difficult to understand; this website answers questions about GIS.
  1. GIS Data: Geographic Information System data comes in many forms, such as layered, 2-D, and 3-D. The specifics of GIS data are explained in this resource.
  2. Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems(PDF): In this document, both GIS and GPS technology are explained in a manner that is easily understood for beginners.
  3. GIS or GPS? A Comparison: GIS and GPS technology have some similar technology, which is discussed here.
  4. GPS or GIS: What's the Difference?(PDF): This document examines the differences between Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems.
  5. The History of GPS: The history of Global Positioning Systems is presented here in a timeline format.
  6. How Does GPS Work?: Global Positioning Systems tell people their exact locations on Earth. This Q&A guide answers questions about how the GPS technology works to bring information to users.
  7. Understanding the Global Positioning System (GPS): Many people use GPS technology on a daily basis; reading this article gives users a better understanding of how the technology works to provide their GPS services.
  8. GPS Frequently Asked Questions: Questions about Global Positioning Systems are common; this FAQ tackles the most common ones.
  9. GPS and Mathematical Basis: Global Positioning Systems are fueled by technology that is backed by mathematical data; this article discusses the specifics of the technology.
  10. GPS: A New Constellation: The Air and Space Museum examines GPS technology and takes a look at navigation methods in history.
  11. Satellite Navigation System: In this detailed overview, satellite navigation systems such as GPS are discussed.
  12. GPS 101(PDF): This document discusses all of the technologies behind GPS and provides many charts and diagrams as well.

Maps and Mapping

  1. Online Mapping: With the use of this website, users can view and navigate maps online.
  2. Maps, Imagery, Publications: Map information and a tool to make interactive maps are both included on this website.
  3. National Map: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) offers several mapping services, including a tool that enables individuals to create their own maps.
  4. Community Mapping: For those wishing to create community maps, this is a great detailed tutorial that explains how to go about community mapping.
  5. History of Map Making: Map-making before technology such as GIS/GPS and remote sensing was very different from how maps are made today. This informational article takes a look at map-making throughout history.

Remote Sensing

  1. Remote Sensing Methods: The methods for remote sensing are discussed on this website.
  2. What is Remote Sensing?: Remote sensing is unfamiliar to many; this resource explains the technology and its uses.
  3. Remote Sensing 101: Remote sensing is a science that focuses on gathering information about areas through the use of satellites or aircraft. This website further explains how remote sensing takes place.
  4. Remote Sensing Scientist: This article discusses those who specialize in remote sensing science.
  5. Introduction to Remote Sensing: The basic concepts of remote sensing, including technologies and concepts, are examined here.
  6. Fundamentals of Remote Sensing: A detailed diagram explaining the fundamentals of remote sensing is provided by the Natural Resources Department of Canada.
  7. Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS(PDF): Remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) technology often work together to produce results. Experts at Yale University provide a glossary of terms as well as explain how the two technologies function.
  8. Satellite Remote Sensing(PDF): A compilation of charts and diagrams by experts in the field explain everything there is to know about satellite remote sensing.
  9. Image Processing and Remote Sensing(PDF): In this document, the fundamentals of image processing in relation to remote sensing are explained.

General Geography Resources

  1. Human Geography: People, places, and things related to human geography are addressed on this website.
  2. Geographical Association: The Geographical Association provides information about current geographical issues and concerns.
  3. Geography Teaching Resources: Resources for teachers to assist with teaching geography to students have been complied and are featured here.
  4. Geography of Jobs and Jobs in Geography: Information about employment issues, job resources, and business opportunities for those who are in the geography field is given here.
  5. What is Geography?: Geography is defined as the study of the physical features of Earth as well as human activity. A more in-depth explanation of the make-up of geography is given within this resource.
  6. Introduction to Geography: This website provides basic information about geography for beginners.
  7. Five Themes of Geography(PDF): There are five main themes of geography, according to experts at California State University Stanislaus. This document covers each theme, from Location to Human/Environment Interaction.
  8. Geography(PDF): Students wishing to pursue an education as a geography major will find this document discussing geographical education and career paths helpful.
  9. The Nature of Geographic Data(PDF): In this document, keywords, concepts and major points of geographical data, such as spatial variation, are outlined.
  10. What is Geography?: Geography experts at Marshall University explain the basics of geography.
Blue Bell - Sunday Papers Club PDF Print E-mail

Sunday Papers Club - We have to pick up our papers for Sundays and we could pick up yours too!

Would you be interested in getting your Sunday papers from here at 12 noon?

Let us know at the bar or email and we'll explain the plan.

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