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Copyright (c) 2005 Flintshire Chronicle (Trinity Mirror) From e-mail to e-ale, drinkers in Halkyn can discuss their favourite tipples online thanks to their locals website.


Welcome to the Blue Bell Inn web site, launched in November 2005 and we've had around 2.750,000 visitors (we hope they don't all turn up at once!), it provides information about the pub and the surrounding area.

Landlord Steve Marquis, who spent nearly 30 years as an IT consultant, has used his technical knowledge to give an online insight into the pub. ‘It is the perfect way to let people know what is happening at the Blue Bell Inn,' he said. ‘I left IT a few years ago and since then the blog has taken off – I thought a beer-log would be more fun.'

For anyone not familiar with cyber-speak, blogs, (usually short for web-logs,) are personal accounts published on the internet. Steve is hoping the Blue Bell Inn's website will give customers a chance to contribute to the life of the pub. People will have a chance to comment and even vote for their favourite beers online. Steve hopes the site will become an online noticeboard for the village. 'Our aim is to turn the site into a place for the community,' he said.

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We hope you like our new look on the web. Take a look around and if you've got any comments, suggestions (or bug reports as things settle in) let us hear about them.

Security Advice on our open network such as ours: Firstly, make sure you log out of websites when you've finished using them. Secondly, use an SSL option if it's provided. Thirdly, avoid accessing any kind of sensitive data when you're connected to a public network such as ours. This advice was updated since the publication of this add-on which lets anyone log into your Facebook account: .  There is another technique here too.

We've just added a Google sharable calendar and hope it proves useful (click here if you want one of your own).  The sidbar view isn't as good as the old calandar (yet) but it and the new Google Calendar menu item (on the right) should give you more flexibility as you can share our calendar and incorporate it in your own which you can then link or synchronise to your smartphone.

We've have a picture facility via Flickr.com and you can upload your picture by emailing here using the instructions here.  If you want a picture show, click here.

You'll note that we try to explain many technical terms via the Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. I hope it proves of value to you along with the news tickers from a variety of sources on the News and Links pages.

Use the news feed feature or RSS feature (find this on the news page) to keep in touch when your browsing elsewhere. To view our web feeds you need software called a feed reader or aggregator such as http://www.feedreader.com or http://www.rssreader.com. A full directory of RSS readers can be found at http://www.rssreaders.net

ry the Search feature (top right) to find what you are looking for and check the Related Items links for other articles of interest. We are going to try to review all of the beers & ciders and your comments would be welcome on them too.

Events can be found here (e.g. walking, cycling). Finally, you can add your own community projects and services here.

This web site has been put together utilising open source systems namely the the Joomla content management platform, that sits on top of a MySQL database coupled with the PHP programming language running on an Apache web server on a Linux operating system. These were all provided under the facilities and guidance of One Man Web Design.

The initial content has been pulled together and crafted by Steve Marquis under the expert tutelage of Simon Littler at One Man Web Design.

Black Back Web TheoryLinks to all of the facilities and expertise can be found here and we have a free wireless internet facility so you can stay connected and enjoy a pint of our best at the same time.

You may be wondering about our new look, well the theory is that you can save several watts by going to a dark background. We think black is the new green! Click the Black Back Web Theory graphic for more information.