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Penderyn MadeiraA permanent feature here at the Blue Bell inn Penderyn Welsh Whisky is the single malt whisky that defines Penderyn's 'house style' being distilled in their unique copper pot still, matured in bourbon barrels, finished in rich Madeira wine casks and bottled at premium strength. The whisky is smooth, light in character and softly golden in colour.

At premium strength (46% vol) Penderyn has an exceptionally balanced taste with an aroma of cream toffee and fleetingly of fresh new leather. Then, as the initial sensations fade, the finishing notes of tropical fruits, raisins and vanilla emerge strongly and are long lasting.

A fact perhaps not commonly known is that S A Brain brewed the mash to Penderyn's specification and send it up to the distillery for processing.

This whisky is non-chill filtered and has no added colouring making it a totally natural and true whisky.

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Bottle by:Producer in Wales

Cluster B

Penderyn About 5 years old 46% vol Light gold in colour and not chill-filtered.

Cask: American ex-bourbon hogsheads for 4 years then finished in Madeira wine barrels.

Nose: Fragrant, floral, sweet, figs, Christmas pudding, burnt sugar and newly baked bread.

Taste: Medium body, quite sweet, walnuts, figs, cooked apples and cream.

Finish: Nice long finish, mellow, figs, dried fruits and dark chocolate. Rich and decadent.

Tasting for 2010 conference of Scottish economists, Perth. Nice accompaniment to a dessert dish, the Madeira wine finish sweetly present. Have some more Penderyn M'dear!

David Wishart


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